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As an independent photographer, I have absolutely been in love with the art for a few years. I believe you should do everything with passion and devotion, quality should never be compromised and money should be the last thing to consider.

When I started taking photos, I never thought one day I would become a professional photographer. I never dreamt of spending every hour of the day, (and sometimes the night) taking and editing pictures. The last thing on my mind was making a living doing something I liked so much.

Capturing a special moment, whether it is at a wedding, a family portrait shoot or a social event of any kind, has a special meaning and one of my favorite things is getting a positive reaction from a friend or client when they re-live that instance they thought was forgotten. Recording those memories in a unique manner is probably the most important skill you can acquire as a professional photographer and I take that very seriously.

Children's eyes are somewhat of an obsession to me. The innocence, the depth, the vibrance and wondrous stare... I just love them. I try to focus a lot on the eyes when I shoot with kids, (not guns, I promise). Children portraiture is highly overlooked in my opinion. People don't seem too interested in getting their kids in front of a camera after they turn two years of age. I have very reasonable packages for kids of all ages. I know that kids can be a little difficult to shoot and I understand, so I will never rush and deliver something mediocre. I stand by my word.