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My name is Guillermo Montero. A graphic designer and photographer with experience in agency, freelance and corporate environments. Early in my career I designed consumer packaging for several industries, including entertainment, home improvement and electronics. Some of my strengths are corporate branding, catalog design and strong production skills. You can view my portfolio here.

By incorporating my knowledge of typography, along with my photography and current layout techniques, I create an image that is timeless, efficient and communicates the message to the assigned demographic or target audience.

From concept to conception, to print media or web output, you are guaranteed a high quality product that is delivered with the proper technical specifications.
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17912 Hawes Lane • Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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Graphic Design.

Get the best results without compromising quality.

Printed collateral is a very important part of a business. The second you hand out your business card, you can be certain that your potential client is making an assessment – positive or negative – of your business based on the design and professionalism that your piece of paper conveys. That same goes for other printed collateral such as a product brochure, a mailed catalog or a flyer. The truth is, clients trust a company that looks polished and experienced and there are almost no exceptions. I can help your business convey that sense of professionalism by designing collateral that looks appropriate for your business, a product that is clean, stylish, that carries a message and delivers results. Take a look at my portfolio

I myself will design the business card, brochure, restaurant menu, multi-page catalog, or other print collateral that will get you the positive attention you deserve and make a great first impression. If your business requires custom photography, and you are looking for custom printing, you have landed on the right page, just ask for a quote. I have the most competitive prices in this area.


As an independent photographer, I have absolutely been in love with the art for a few years. I believe you should do everything with passion and devotion, quality should never be compromised and money should be the last thing to consider. I never thought one day I would become a professional photographer. I never dreamt of spending every hour of the day, (and sometimes the night) taking and editing pictures. The last thing on my mind was making a living doing something I liked so much so I am greatful and humble about it. Capturing a special moment, has a special meaning and my favorite things is getting a positive reaction from a client when they re-live that instance they thought was forgotten. Recording those memories in a unique manner is, for me, essential. Please view my samples